Company History

How it Started

An early passion for web ministry

Since our inception in 2001, our team has had a passion to use the Web for ministry. Our award-winning design firm has created products for businesses large and small, but most of our largest and most rewarding projects have come from the faith-based community.

On-the-job experience

Our founder, Brad Hill, began as a volunteer Webmaster at a large megachurch in 1998. He primarily worked within the young adult ministry at the church. "The web makes perfect sense for ministries like this," said Hill. "If you look at the target demographic [young adults] and then look at the other things they are exposed to, it becomes imperative that any growing church or ministry have a robust and effective Website outreach." In designing multiple Websites for this client, SiteOrganic also began to develop a Web-based system so that staff at the organization could add, edit, and update Web content on their own. This simple idea would be the beginning steps toward creating a powerful, easy toolset—for ministries, churches, and organizations around the world—to update and maintain their Web site more effectively.

Taking Websites to the next level

"Church and ministry websites are about more than putting your basic 411 information online," says Hill. Referring to less tech-enabled congregations, Hill advises ministry leaders to "take a careful look at where you want your organization to grow. Even if you believe that the Web isn't relevant to your members, how do you think new people are going to find out about you? Nobody uses the yellow page anymore. If you don't have an effective outreach online, you are missing many opportunities to reach your community."

Indeed, it was the increasing demand from smaller and less urban churches that led us to develop the SiteOrganic system. First conceived in 2002, the idea behind SiteOrganic is simple and compelling: provide enterprise-level web tools to organizations of all sizes, at an affordable price. Our goal is to empower your ministry/non-profit to go to the next level online.

A team approach

SiteOrganic's team of talented designers, developers, writers and IT experts have crafted SiteOrganic into the powerful suite of tools that it is today. We have developed this system from the ground up, with a special focus on ease of use. We continue to add new features and exciting improvements to SiteOrganic every month. SiteOrganic addresses the unique needs of ministry and non-profit websites in its very DNA. No other service on the market today is as powerful, and no other company offers as much for such an affordable price.

As a SiteOrganic customer, you will receive the best design attention, the easiest tools to manage your Website, and the most responsive training and support possible.

When you plant your online ministry in the good soil of SiteOrganic, it WILL produce fruit!

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