Why Choose SiteOrganic

1) Improve the quality of your website

Every SiteOrganic website is based on a professional design, whether you choose one of our stunning designs, or ask us to create one just for you. This is not a cookie-cutter template solution! We work hard to make sure that your design captures your unique culture and vision for ministry.

2) Control your web investment

SiteOrganic allows you to budget a fixed amount each month for your website expenses, with nothing else to spend. Plus, you'll constantly receive free updates and upgrades to your website at no additional fee. There are no servers to buy, no IT people needed, and no hidden fees or surprises.

3) Spend less time on routine web updates

Let your gifted staff get back to work! SiteOrganic makes web updates so easy, that virtually anybody can do it. This means that you can give volunteers, coordinators, or part-timers more responsibility with editing your website. Your staff are no longer bogged down with routine maintenance, and your website is no longer held hostage by the traditional "bottleneck" effect.

4) Give away your web ministry

Since SiteOrganic allows you to create unlimited user accounts, you can set up each ministry leader, team coach, or volunteer with his/her own login. Let each person make changes to only a specific section of the website. You can choose to hold their changes for approval, or let the volunteer leaders automatically publish their work to the web. Either way, you're empowering the people doing the ministry to promote, inform, and provide countless resources to the rest of your congregation.

5) Start treating the web like a ministry, not just an IT expense

Once you remove the troublesome aspects from a typical church web program, it's amazing how many great ideas can materialize! Tools for prayer, spiritual development, leadership training, small groups, online discussion, and more since SiteOrganic gives you the power to grow your website as your ministry grows in new and exciting ways. It's a truly organic way to look at your web ministry!

Producing fruit online doesn't happen by accident. If you agree that it's time for your ministry to choose SiteOrganic, please Contact Us for a no-risk conversation.

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