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SiteOrganic Giving

SiteOrganic Giving is the best-in-class solution for online giving. Built by the SiteOrganic team, we took our fruit-producing approach to online ministry and thought, "how can we create the most powerful, affordable, and easy solution for churches to accept funds online?" The result is your best solution for tithes, offerings, event registrations, product sales, capital campaigns, and more.

Minimize the fees, Maximize the Fruit

We've seen plenty of companies who think it's OK to make obscene profits on donations to a church. When we read the New Testament, we see a different model. All money belongs to God, and we want to see as much of it as possible going directly to His work. We used this thought process to drive our pricing model for online giving. It's simple, it's inexpensive, and it's right for your church!


Premiere Giving
Express Giving
Industry Average
Setup Fee FREE FREE $0 - $150
Quick Setup N/A Check N/A
Monthly Fee FREE with your SiteOrganic Website FREE with your SiteOrganic Website $30 - $75
Credit/Debit Card Processing 2.5% 2.5% 3% - 4.5%
Merchant Account & Gateway Included! Included! $20 - $30/mo
Debit-Card-Only Option Check Check N/A or extra $6/mo
E-Checks/ACH 1% 1% 1% - 2%
Per-transaction fee $0.30 $0.30 $0.25 - $0.35
Monthly Minimum $25
More info
More info
$10 - 30
Automatic Funding 1-2 business days 4-5 business days N/A - 2 Weeks
Mobile Giving Check Check N/A
Text Giving   Optional
$5/mo with $79 activation
More info
$5/mo with $79 activation
More info
Giving Kiosk   Optional
$19/mo, hardware buy or lease options available
Recurring Gifts Check Check N/A
Graphical Trends Display Check Check N/A
Unlimited Custom Event Forms Check Check N/A
Online Store Check N/A N/A
Pledge Tracking/Management Check Check N/A
Virtual Terminal Check Check Extra $10/Month

Example: church processes $10,000 per month in online giving via credit cards (100 people each give $100)

Fees $280 $280 $415
Church receives $9,720 income $9,720 income $9,585 income

Please note: American Express requires a separate approval process for Premiere Giving customers.

Also: Accepting ACH transactions requires an additional maintenance fee of $5/month for Premiere Giving customers.