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Churches need more than just a Website. Vigorous online ministry growth requires intelligent design, a user-friendly ministry Content Management System (mCMS), reliable service, and a rock-solid hosting system.

SiteOrganic delivers! We're the online solution of choice for today's most innovative churches. As the only platform with The Organic Blend, we bring you a combination of tools and expertise that will help your Website produce fruit.






Setup Fee $500 $2,850 $1,000 Costs Vary FREE
Monthly Fee $29 - $99 $231 $20 Costs Vary FREE (Ads)
Storage Up to 100 GB Unlimited 100 GB Varies 2.5 GB
Use You Own Domain Name
Database Search (small groups, volunteer, etc.)
Podcasting Plugin
Sermon Archive w/ tagging Basic Plugin
Free Support
Spell Check
Flexible Design Themes
Cost to change design theme later FREE Costs Vary $200 Costs Vary FREE
Sites are Flash-free
Use Your Own HTML
Access your CSS, Fonts, and Design Theme code
Workflow / Approvals process for multiple users
Control editing access to different ministries / sections
Dynamic countdown clock
Create Tables, Flexible Page Layouts
Integrated Blog Engine
Add Blogs / Headlines from Third party feeds Plugin
Page Limit Unlimited Unlimited 80 Unlimited 30 per group
Online Giving 2.5% + $0.30 3% 3.5% + $0.35 3rd party 3rd party
2-Year Example Cost Website, plus giving volume of $10,000 /mo via credit cards online $8,276 $15,594 $10,720 $7,440 $7,200
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