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Compare SiteOrganic

Compare SiteOrganic

Churches need more than just a Website. Vigorous online ministry growth requires intelligent design, a user-friendly ministry Content Management System (mCMS), reliable service, and a rock-solid hosting system.

SiteOrganic delivers! We're the online solution of choice for today's most innovative churches. As the only platform with The Organic Blend, we bring you a combination of tools and expertise that will help your Website produce fruit.

Setup Fee $500 $2,850 $1,000 Costs vary FREE
Monthly Fee $29 to $99 $231 $20 Costs vary FREE (Ads)
Storage Up to 100GB Unlimited 100GB Varies 2.5GB
Use Your Own Domain Name check check check check
Database Search (small groups, volunteer, etc.) check check
Podcasting check check   plugin  
Sermon Archive w/ tagging check check basic plugin  
Free Support check check check  
Spell Check check check check
Flexible Design Themes check check check check
Cost to change design theme later FREE Costs vary $200 Costs vary FREE
Sites are Flash-free check check check
Use Your Own HTML check check check
Access your CSS, fonts and design theme code check check
Workflow/Approvals process for multiple users check
Control editing access to different ministries/sections check
Dynamic countdown clock check
Create Tables, Flexible Page Layouts check check check
Integrated Blog Engine check check
Add Blogs/Headlines from Third-party Feeds check     plugin  
Page Limit Unlimited Unlimited 80 Unlimited 30 per group
Online Giving 2.5% + $0.30 3% 3.5% + $0.35 3rd party 3rd party
2-Year Example Cost
Website, plus giving volume of $10,000/month via credit cards online
$8,276 $15,594 $10,720 $7,440 $7,200
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